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Welcome to our website! 

We are breeding Central Asian ovcharka and Smooth Foxterrier


My name is Gabor Stefan and I’m a veterinarian.

This kind of breed had a big impact on me at the time in 1992 when I saw it first. I recognized the
nobile feature and the „asian” serenity in it. Soon I knew all the individual existing breeds in
Hungary and in countries like Slovakia and Poland. During these encounters I decided to breed this
kind of dog myself. These species seem to be aggressive and wild at the first look, but because of
these characteristics this kind of dog is defenseless, too. It is very important that the puppies will
have the right kind of owner. The one who would like a dog like this must know the true nature of
this kind of breed. If one has the right approach this kind of dog can lead us back to the bottom
line of man-dog relationship. Believe me, it worth a try! The puppies can only be sold with the
appropriate license, with microchip, given the necessary shots, and worm-free.

From March 2011 we are united with Temudzin kennel.
From 2017 we are breeding SMOOTH FOXTERRIER too! 

We hope you find our website interesting and useful –
the Konstantin Katakomba Middle-Asian

Shepherd Dog Kennel!