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Zhasmin Medzhal Ala
E ´ Z H A S M I N   M E D Z H A L   A L A 


Date of birth : 18.11.2010


Parents: Ramenskiy Grizli Luck Ayu /import Russia/ x Umka Iz Doma Sikhvarta /import Iskitim


Teethcomplete, scrissor bite


Shows : CAC, res. CAC, CAC on the club show, Special club show 2013 Ex.1, CAC club winner (27 females by ring!), Special club show Middle European Ex.2, res. CAC (22 females by ring! )


Dysplasia :  HD:0/0,  ED:A/A



E'Zhasmin is very nice female very successful on the dogs shows!  Zhasminka came to us in age one year and very quickly got used to us and to other dogs. Zhasmin we imediately did X-rays of elbow and hip joints with excellent results-HD 0 / 0, ED-A / A what we enjoy immensely. Zhasmin is typical beautiful female with a beautiful movement, excellent character. It's a great companion and guardian of our family.


Zhasmin is daughter of our Unka / RAMENSKIY GRIZZLI LUCK AYU/ that comes from CHS Ramenskiy Grizly / owner is Vera Lipkin, Moscow /. Unka is a very good dog with an excellent pedigree and distinctive character. Unkas  father is a beautiful dog Ilhan /maj.: P. Abramov, RUS (CHS Sary Shaitan )/, is the battle line from Turkmenistan Aktash. Ilhan is a beautiful compact dog with heavy bone, big head and a stunning medium size. Ilhan has won a number of exhibitions and Champion of Russia.

Zhasmin is the granddaughter of Rus Grizli Beregynia, which is well known from exhibitions which achieve excellent results. It is the mother of very successful dog world winners, winners of many exhibitions. Beregynia is the Altyn Kumly Burgut daughter, who is the son of Bergut, grandson of legendary Akguš mother of ALTYN, is a Turkmenian female and a mother of is very successful and important dogs for the breeding  like ALAR - known fighter and reproducer, Altyn Kumly - litter G - Ghurdza which is 3 times winner of the ACKA.


ALTYN (Aždar, Sapara x Akbaj, Bolkunova FI) born 22.10.1994, maj. Okoročkova / RU - blood headed to inbreeding AKGUŠ Turkmen dog - granddaughter of this excellent dog, who became a legend! Founder of kennel "Altyn Kumly".Typical, massive, big female flowers 76 cm, solid backs, strong neck, excellent headlines - beautiful profile of the head, flat face, perfect filler under the eyes - female the desired proportions, suitable (set point) for breeding .... "This is an excerpt from the report of Altyn who came from well known and recognized jundge of Turkmenistan, Mrs. Farida Ismailovny Bolkunovej, on the one special show where only (SAO) were introduced of Turkmenistan. Altyn is a very strong female, which is also attended matches.
Ancestors of Zhasmin from father site / Unka / we cannot forget to mention the dogs as: very famous dog named Kelbars / brother of Kabur - maj.T.Chabibulin /. Parents of Kelbarsa are Dzheihun and Lotty, who are purely Turkmen blood.



Zhasmin is the daughter of a beautiful white female Umka / Umka IZ DOMA SIKHVARTA /, which was personally imported from Russia by Editka Voplakal / Iskitimi - keeper Vlada Lazarenko / to kennel  Medzhal Ala. Umka is a female with a wonderful nature, which I can personally verify. Mother of Umka Aila AK Sulu, / TURKMNENISTAN / was imported directly from Turkmenistan by Larisa Kononenko,  international judge for the SAO. Aila If the original Sulu Turkmenistan female, her head is very noble, long and smooth transitions to the muzzle, excellent filler under the eyes, with a wide jaw at the top and bottom, is all teeth and scissor bite and height 72 cm. It has a strong enough backbone and beautiful movement. Her father is a white male Turkmen, with strong bones and medium height.

Umka´s father / grandfather E'Zhasmin / is beautiful and very famous and well-known white dog named Darstan Alladin / owner. N. Pavljuk, Tumen - Russia /. It is a really beautiful dog with beautiful head, excellent pigment, very strong legs, broad chest, and incredibly easy movement. Alladin, the  very successful exhibition dog as I can mention : GRANDCHAMPION, Champion of Russia, Kazakhstan, ...

Father of Alladin is Chingiz. The dog has given many successful offspring. His mother BELKA, was imported from Turkmenistan. Belka was lighter with female skeleton, but the show that she atteded were very successful. She gaves birth to a much better offspring’s than she was. Father of Chingiz - Afi Kaidar Sheikh Ali, who comes from Russia. Came from the very famous kennel Afi Kaidar, owned by the A. Kristhopin. From this kennel come a lot of famous and successful dogs.
Aladdin's mother is a female named VAZIRA / maj.Pavljukova /. Vazira is champion of Russia. Vazira comes from a kennel. "Shachriyar" from St. Petersburg, maj. Samson NT, Russia - International referee for the exterior.
Grandmother from her mother’s site  is very famous and very successful female DZHAMAL (05.03.1994 - 08.2004), owner of Samson NT - Its exhibition achievements include: winner of the '98 World Champion RUS, EST, LAT, RKF, 3x BIS, is also a multiple winner "pride of Russia", etc. .. This female was excellent in each view. She had a great exterior, good movement and excellent character.


Grandfather on his mother's site is a white dog with black markings - DZALADASH, owner Samsonov NT. This dog is very well known in the family tree, in the lineage has ancestors with a great quality such as paternal grandfather Arlan, maj.Kjarizov / Turkmenistan, grandparents and great-grandmother on his father's side is well known Turkmen dog Erlen, owner Kjarizov, BLACK EKEMEN direct descendant, the owner of Meredov, Turkmenistan female GOINCHI, owner Kjarizov, Turkmenistan also well known female AKBAI , owner Kjarizov / Turkmenistan ...