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Date of born : 22.02.2014

Parents :
  KARA x Arystan Alga Udoma

Teeths: komplet, scrissor bite

Dysplazia:  HD - A/A , ED - 0/0


Shows : CHAMPION,Exc.1, CAJC, Best Junior, 4 x CAC, 1 x Res. CAC




We bought Serdar if he was 2 months old. He arrived to us from very famous kennel Arystan Alga from KAZACHSTAN. We fall in love to Serdar from first time! Serdar is very strong male in body but in character too! He have very strong mind. He is not friendly to another dogs he must be boss. Another people he accept only if we are with him but not all the time. He can easy attack if he dont like somebody. But he is very intelligent male! He love our family, children, and all our animals as horse, goats ... 


Serdar have wonderful character and he is very healthy male dysplasia HD,ED free! We are happy that we can own him!


Serdar farher is BLACK male which name is KARA. He is from Kazachstan. Kara is very strong male with very good character! He is son of famous male AGATE which was Champion of Kazachstan in fights between two years 2005 /2006! Agate was very compact male with so strong character very healthy in mind. Great type great anatomy has this male! From Agate is not much puppies about we know so we are very proud of Serdar that his grandfather is AGATE! 


Serdar mother is A.A.YUDOMA. She is daughter of very famous and beautiful male AKKUS ! Akkus is Champion of Kazachstan, Junior Champion of Kazachstan, Club CAO winner, many BOB ... Akkus is beautiful typical CAO male with perfect head, great movement , great character! For me he is one of best CAO! He is father of many famous male´s. /His son A.A.Utiur is world winner/.

Akkus father is another great and famous male BEN CHAN ! He was imported from Kirgyz to Kazachstan. He was really nice dog with excellent character! Same as his father TIBUL . Tibul was imported to Kirgyz. He was Champion of Kirgyz and fight champion 2000 - 2002.


Another great male is Serdar pedigree is LORAN. He was very nice dog! Champion of Kazachstan, Champion of Russia, Double champion, Special club winner Iskitim 2008! But he was very good fighter! Many times fight winner and Silver Champion of fight 2005-2006! 



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